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fashion_fwd's Journal

~Fashion Forward~
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Welcome to Fashion Forward! I am Bridget, your community maintainer.

This community is pretty puny at the moment, but it promises to become one of the better fashion communities out there with your help. I would appreciate it if you would be a part of this. I need contributing authors to write things about the fashion and entertainment industry.

At the moment, there are three articles posted on this community - one about the makeup of fall ‘05, one tiny little blurb about lace and feminine details coming into style, and one is about Natalie Portman. You are welcome to take these articles and expand on the topic. I didn’t write a whole lot for any of the three articles. Lengthening them would be appreciated, especially if you can contribute pictures.

I would also appreciate it if one of you creative individuals would make a layout for the community. That is one area in which I am not gifted in.

As (or IF) the community expands, I will reward the more active authors. If someone regularly contributes articles of decent size and quality I will offer them gifts like three months paid on LiveJournal or something similar. I’m praying that is enough incentive.

So read, write… Do wtf you want.