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Autumn Makeup Trends

From MAC to Lancome to Urban Decay...

It seems that the It-look when it comes to makeup this fall has changed drastically from the practically bare, rosy cheeked ‘Flemmish face’ into something much richer and more dramatic in the same way that bold clothing with intricate details has come into style. MAC cosmetics has started a new line of products with glittery shine. The line includes glitter liner, glitter shadow, and even a glittery gloss for a shimmery pout. Laura Mercier has also come up with a sort of top-coat for your lipstick which aids iridescent charm to any color.

Luxe colors are also present in Lancome’s new eyeshadows, advertised in the latest beauty update from Nordstrom.

Urban Decay, always the youthful and unique face of cosmetics, has come up with a cocktail inspired line of makeup including flavored body balm, lip gloss, and shimmery powder in shades like ‘Mai-Tai’ and ‘Cosmopolitan.’ This is a welcome addition especially since they recently got rid of several flavors of flavored body shimmer.

The best-selling book and upcoming movie Memoirs of a Geisha has inspired a new line of cosmetics and beauty products from Bath and Body Works. There are masques and baths which use sake as a main ingredient.
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